Alyra Rose


Lyrisista Circle

Saturday, June 11th

11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Sunday Sister Soiree: Devotional Hip-Hop/Soul

Sunday, June 12th

 9:45 – 11:15 pm

Alyra Rose is a native Californian who grew up in a musical family. Her music comes from a deep, soulful and reflective place. She blends elements of folk, electronic, hip-hop, pop and soul to create elaborate soundscapes and a style uniquely her own. 
Alyra’s journey with music has been inextricably linked to her study of the healing arts of yoga, ayurveda, body work and her own journey of healing. After reaching rock-bottom at 19 and feeling very disillusioned by society it was a rediscovery of her passion for music that brought her back to life. She now shares her passion for healing and transforming our life through the power of sound through workshops and retreats and one on one creative coaching. 
Named after the constellation Alpha Lyra, Alyra Rose is herself a constellation of creation. She has performed and played with artists such as Pamela Parker, Gina René, Siren’s of Soul, Sharon Shannon of Ireland many others. She also has a musical project with her dear sister Alyson Miller called Mirror Pool. 
Her latest release ‘Divine’ is her first self-produced song and can be found on all platforms.



Lyrisista Circle

A sacred sistar circle meets cypher meets conscious lyricism & word magick exploration!

Are you a Lyrisista? Join true Hip-Hop lover and singer  Gina René in discovering the power and magick of words and how to use lyricism, poetry or songwriting to transform your reality.This workshop is about deliberate creation through the spoken word.  Explore & express through intentional word play, etymology, rhythm and self-expression through sound in a sacred and playful ceremonial container. We will center into our feminine natures and cast our visions and dream onto the stage of life, together. Thus, when a woman owns her voice she sets herself and others free! Let’s do this sisters.

Get ready to explore the Art of Flow! 

Alyra will be teaching this workshop with Gina René.




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