Sidra’s Organic Kitchen


Breakfast bar for every morning :
Simple smoothies (women can bring and add their favorite additions). Protein powder (ingredients available the event)
Granola with yoghurt (vegan available)
Frittata w/ egg & vegan option
Coffee / Tea

Dinners :
Coconut Milk Curry with Veggies and chickpeas, scented rice, and salad

Burrito Bar: tortillas, rice, black beans, grilled veggies and toppings, and cabbage lime salad

Shepards Pie with mashed potatoes and gravy (vegan), veggies, and salad

Polenta ‘Lasagna’: polenta layered with pesto, veggies and tomatoes, and salad

Delicious Baked Vegan Goods

chips, salsa, hummus, veggies and watermelon

All food when possible is local and organic,  gluten free, with vegan and vegetarian options

Sidra has a background of growing up in Switzerland, cooking foods straight from the garden. In the last 20 years she has catered organic healthy food for many festivals and retreats, including being one of the owners of an organic cafe in McCloud, CA at the foot of Mt Shasta. Her passion is to serve local organic seasonal food that is prepared often to personal needs, something that is good for the body, local economy and of course for the earth.

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