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Mikayla Sophia Lev


Mikayla Sophia Lev is a Documentary Filmmaker, Earth Activist, Superfood Fairy, and an Event Producer. She is passionate about evolutionary new paradigm ways of living, from community building, to spirituality, health and nutrition and the healing arts. She has a deep love for nature, water protection and women’s empowerment. She has traveled extensively and feels blessed to live in the presence of the sacred land of Mt.Shasta, California. 

The vision for G-Fest actually was birthed in 2017 when a talented female musician friend was feeling discouraged about her music career due to the limited number of places to play conscious music and the small turnouts at those venues. Hearing several other women musicians express similar sentiments, and drawing on her own love of creating conscious gatherings, Mikayla put on her Producers hat and with a small team began creating a supportive and celebratory event for talented women performers to share their gifts.

With her studies in yoga, breathwork, and theta healing, as wells as her passion for ecstatic dance, and the priestess arts, her vision for G-Fest: Goddess Rising expanded to create a larger container for women’s healing, expression, personal growth, leadership, and empowerment set within an atmosphere of celebration, ceremony, and connection. While also, inviting men along with the public to participate during the culmination of the final night’s celebration in honor of the sacred feminine.

Merav Daon

Production Manager, Graphic Designer 

Born and raised in Israel, Merav grew up with a wide influence of music and culture. Upon moving to SF in 2007 she worked as a server in Cafe Gratitude where she discovered the world of vegan & raw cuisine and her love for innovative recipes.  She worked in the cannabis industry for 7 years in the SF bay area, as a business owner and a medicine woman, creating healing hi-vibe products with a touch of ceremonial influences.  Merav was born to dance and loves to DJ, she is an artist and a graphic designer, loves to garden and play in the kitchen, and is currently studying to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Veronica de Aboitiz

International Coordinator and G-Fest Extended Mt.Shasta Retreat Organizer

Veronica de Aboitiz, founder of Gaia World (  invites you to find your keys of peace, well-being and wisdom within.

Her journey began at 18 when she realized there was a much larger state of consciousness then the one she was in.A series of powerful synchronicities led her to spend four months at a Buddhist Monastary in Bodh Gaya, India, studying Vipassana, Zen and Tibetan meditation. She received her Bachelor of Arts at Wesleyan University, CT majoring in Comparative Studies of Religions. She studied her masters in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University, CO.

After receiving her third initiation in Reiki in New York City, vibrational sounds began to emerge opening doorways to subtle spaces integrating the alchemy of rejuvenation and healing. Here, she met Lyra, one of her main guides, ( and accompanied her to many sacred ceremonies around our Mother Earth: Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Mt. Shasta, and Brazil. After living for some time with the Navajos in Arizona, the precious red lands taught her ancestral songs to help transcend the cognitive mind to enter the “mind-out-of-time” space within us all.

When she reached Mount Shasta, she finally felt she had found home on this planet.

Here, she learned how to balance the emotional body and feel the whispers of silence.

Two encounters with the portal of death, lead her to viscerally understand that ones´ guides are ALWAYS there.   

At 33, she was called to celebrate her birthday with the gentle, dolphins in Northern Brazil. Her dolphin school had begun! For the past 7 years she has hosted retreats swimming and meditating with these wise and gentle beings. For ten years she has accompanied people to energetic vortices, opening circles of connection and hosting retreats in different parts of the world.  

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