Meet Our Team



Mikayla Sophia Lev

Founder, Advisor

Mikayla Sophia Lev is a Documentary Filmmaker, Earth Activist, Superfood Fairy, and an Event Producer. She is passionate about evolutionary new paradigm ways of living, from community building, to spirituality, health and nutrition and the healing arts. She has a deep love for nature, water protection and women’s empowerment. She has traveled extensively and feels blessed to live in the presence of the sacred land of Mt.Shasta, California.

With her studies in yoga, breathwork, theta healing, Obsidian Womb wellness as well as her passion for ecstatic dance, and the priestess arts, her vision for G-Fest: Goddess Rising expanded to create a larger container for women’s healing, expression, personal growth, leadership, and empowerment set within an atmosphere of celebration, ceremony, and connection. 

Meyrav Daon

Producer, Production Manager, Graphic Designer 

Born and raised in Israel, Meyrav grew up with a wide influence of music and culture. Upon moving to SF in 2007 she worked in Cafe Gratitude where she discovered the world of vegan & raw cuisine and her love for innovative recipes.  She worked in the cannabis industry for 7 years in the SF bay area, as a business owner and a medicine woman, creating healing hi-vibe products with a touch of ceremonial influences.

Meyrav was born to dance and loves to DJ, she is an artist and a graphic designer, loves to garden and play in the kitchen.

In 2020 Meyrav graduated from the IIN and is offering Integrative Health Coaching- to inspire, empower and support life transformations.

Aeiya RA

Producer, Artistic Director, Main Stage MC

Aeiya Joy has been dancing to the beat of her own drum since she was a young child.  She is a Leader of Sophia Circle Journeys®, Sophia Code Initiate, Facilitator of free expression, Visionary, Web Weaver, Musician & Sound Healer and the Creatrix of Dragon Bodhi™.  She has taken on direction and production roles since 2011 when she started her first arts organization called Deep Roots. Though her beginning was in dance and the circus arts, she has also worked to create events for film, healing arts and music.

Aeiya has been initiating with Mount Shasta since 2016. This year, she finally answered the call to create a home here. She is grateful to serve the Divine while working with the G-Fest team and applying her production skills to this magickal gathering of goddesses.

As an embodied leader of the Way, Aeiya views every challenge as an opportunity for an individual to unlock their greatest potential for freedom, expression, vulnerability, embodiment and empowerment. As a Temple keeper, she offers sacred space for transformation, nourishment and deep rejuvenation.  Her exuberant energy creates a space for play, vibrancy and inspiration while activating ever-deepening levels of sovereignty for all who answer the invitation to join.

Deysi Faeth

Producer, Executive Director

Deysi wears many different hats of an entrepreneur, often considered a jack-of-all-trades. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Writer, Professional Dancer, Dream Weaver, Akashic Channel, NVC Practitioner, Crystal Steward, and Coach. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Dance at Northeastern Illinois University in addition to studying various meditations and relaxation techniques.

Through all that she does, she offers creative spaces of exploration, perspective and choice – to explore the multi-dimensional reality, to witness truth in action and the lens of experience, and above all else to recognize one’s sovereignty in choice.

Living for the past 5 years in Mount Shasta, Deysi has dived deep into her visions of creating sacred space for community, healing and freedom of expression, including G-Fest. It is here that she works as a grounded channel to use her well-developed modalities to create and hold alchemical space; a space that acts as a mirror and opens opportunities for individuals to dive deep into the reflection of their own energies and recognize the potential for personal transformation.

Melissa Mendoza

Work Exchange & Volunteer Coordinator

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Melissa recently moved to Ashland after only visiting one time. She knew in her heart this is where she belonged.  She grew up with the love of dancing and can be spotted really close to any DJ booth dancing her heart out! Melissa has a deep love for hot yoga and practices almost daily. She has recently been learning how to cook and make lotions with THC and is having a blast doing it. Her favorite place is the Redwoods where she goes wandering the woods connecting with everything around her. She also loves to garden. Melissa’s spirit animals are Bees and Giraffes.

Sara Paul

Strategic Partners/Sponsors 

Sara Paul has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality and entertainment industry.  Her social impact marketing and branding company, 5 Carrots, has been transforming the health of Hollywood influencers since 2008. Sara is also a poet, mother, activist, producer, and healing artist. She enjoys singing and dancing for the health of it. Her poetry speaks to the rise of the divine feminine and the magic of the planet and the universe. After seeing films like Contact and the Abyss, Sara left her hometown in Pennsylvania and went to Hollywood to influence the masses through conscious media. She is a storyteller and a natural comedian, blessed with the gift of networking and web weaving. Her spirit animals include spiders, dragonflies, hawks, owls, butterflies, grasshoppers, praying mantis, and squirrels. 

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