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Mount Shasta, California

A Retreat for Women

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G-Fest far exceeded my expectations of a Women’s Retreat!!  This event changed me in the core of my being. From the opening ceremony, workshops, musicians, new found friends to the closing ceremony……..changes, upgrades, enlightenment happened at every turn. The location was perfect for this inner, connecting work. Being outside in the forest for all of my workshops really helped with connecting to Source. Shasta’s energetics held us, moved us, nourished us, and upgraded us many steps to our highest potential. 

Angela Sharp

The whole thing was such a lovely experience.  I only took part in a fraction of what was offered, but enjoyed it all, and just having the freedom to explore at my own pace and the time and safe space to just BE in nature with the trees and waters and rocks and my own thoughts was wonderfully restorative. I think I slept like 10 hours one night which is really rare for me, and was absolutely delightful. Everyone I met was interesting, kind and friendly and the whole energy and vibe was like medicine for the nervous system. Thanks so much for a fabulous event!

Pamela Llano

G-Fest Goddess Rising was life-enhancing for me.  I was able to connect with so many amazing, beautiful, powerful goddesses!  It was a sweet balance of workshops and musical performances with some amazing teachers and performers.  Being in a women-only space was so freeing and joyful.  And it all happens on a magical piece of land near Mount Shasta with lovely walking trails and a creek bubbling through.  This is probably my favorite festival I’ve ever been to!

Eileen Hazel

For me it was profoundly healing to participate and to meet other women in such a supportive and loving environment, far away from the patriarchal rivalry that otherwise is imposed on us women. I felt so empowered and strengthened as a woman and as a spiritual being. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!

Teresa Kali Stark

This was the greatest gathering / festival of my life! Thank YOU Mikayla Sophia Lev for bringing us all together! You are the redeemer of the sisterhood which is clearly alive and well!

To bathe in the glory of priestesses both blooming and others budding… to bask in my sisters truth, stand in sacred union and share profound and deep healings… to stand naked and cry with grace… to be received and feel the fullness of my soul embraced…. for all of this and so much more I am forever grateful for you! 

Summer Rose

G-Fest was one of the most profound women’s events I have ever attended.  Mikayla created a unique sanctuary for all types of women, seeped in the true power of the “Luscious & Divine Feminine.”  I experienced an open-hearted sisterhood of love and support rarely felt to that depth, even for a women’s event.  That is why I still often talk about it with fond and glowing memories.

Ruby Yeh

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Connect, expand, transform, envision, awaken, dance and dream, with women from around the globe.

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