Tonya Bridges


Conscious Birthing

Sunday, June 12th

3:30 – 5:30 pm


Tonya Bridges is the founder of Sacred Space Birth, an education and coaching service, assisting women on the journey into motherhood, pregnancy, birth and early parenting.  She has worked as a doula and herbalist for nearly two decades, and attended IndieBirth Midwifery School in 2019. She also teaches new doulas and birth workers, attends women at the Sacramento Birth Center and works as a traveling Birth Keeper. Tonya is the mother of 5 children, living off grid on a 40 acre homestead in Six Rivers National Forest, where she practices simplicity, community and closeness with the land.

She has experienced conscious birth and it’s power to change a person deeply, bringing women into touch with their deepest inner wisdom, intuition and strength. She desires to see birth return to it’s natural state, where women are in their power, at the center of their experience, fearless, at home, within the community of women who are ready to support and love her through this incredible transformation and rite of passage into motherhood.





Conscious Birthing

Birth in our culture has been handed over to a fear filled patriarchal system where women have lost their power and their connection with their inner wisdom and intuition. Join us as we look at the transformative power of birth, as a rite of passage, where a woman and her child are transformed as they birth into being!

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