Sita Flammer





10am – 12pm


Sita Flammer is a seasoned practitioner of Yoga, Qigong, Pranayama, Dance, and Meditation.  She holds certifications in all of these areas and has taught in both class and workshop formats for over 20 years. She has taught women about natural beauty, sacred womens qigong, and yoga. Her curiosity for deeper learning took her to India where she travelled extensively.  While there, she learned various practices including dance and was trained in Yoga Nidra at the Bihar school where it originated.   Sita works privately as an energy medicine practitioner. She was personally trained by the creator of Your Sacred Anatomy, Desda Zuckerman.


Re-Divining the Feminine


An exploration of feminine energy through movement and eastern practices.

3 hours.

In this three hour workshop we will unveil our innate feminine essence through a variety of body based methods including breath, slow movement, simple yogic postures and women’s qigong.  You will get to explore qualities of your essence and feel into the beauty of your body to discover the subtle power of your energy field. We will look at how the womb space connects us to the deep silence of beginning and how the heart space leads us toward our hearts desire.  You will receive an opportunity to clear out old stuck energetic debris and recover that which is new and alive.

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