Miriam Peretz


Sunday, Jan 24, 2021

12:45 – 2:00 pm


Miriam Peretz is an internationally celebrated dancer who has devoted her life to empowering and healing women through the art of dance, ritual practice and community building. Over the course of her lifetime career, she has developed two signature dance format’s, Nava Dance and Integral Dance. Nava Dance is rooted in Miriam’s extensive training in Central Asian dance, however also integrates devotional whirling and rituals practices from around the world. Integral Dance is a holistic practice weaving together contemporary dance, somatics, martial arts, embodied ritual practices and cross-cultural/cross-religious themes.  Both formats embrace Miriam’s deep understanding of movement and dance as a healing artform. Miriam’s love of dance has led her on a life-long journey in search for ways to use the arts as a bridge between people of different backgrounds and spiritual traditions.  She sees dance as a uniquely powerful means of expressing deep emotion and spiritual yearning, and therefore the perfect embodiment of prayer.


The Compassionate Warrior Within- A Sacred Dance Journey with Miriam Peretz

 Compassion is known as the supreme emotion to the Dali Lama.  Every sura in the Quran begins with the phrase, “in the name of the merciful and compassionate,” and the Hebrew, Arabic, and Farsi languages all recognize the deep significance of compassion being central to life as the word womb and compassion are synonymous- rehem, rahma.  Compassion is rooted in empathy but there is the added step of not only recognizing another’s suffering, but a need to take action to alleviate the suffering of another.  So compassion involves an embodied gesture, and a stepping outside of oneself to help another.  In this workshop we will explore how we can first cultivate an embodied awareness of compassion within our own being, and then look at how our movements and gestures can bring this consciousness out into the world.  The dances will be like movement “mantras” to deepen our ability to channel the divine attribute of compassion.



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