Maqua Iqua


Shamanic Journey to our “WILD WOMAN”

Saturday, July 22nd

11am – 1pm


Maqua Iqua is an Energy Healer/Intuitive, Feminine Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Teacher. Her mission is “To inspire and enable all who are hungry to transform their lives from a place of suffering, victimhood and misery to one of Magic, Empowerment and Sovereignty” 

Maqua Iqua is most passionate about practicing and teaching the lightning fast Integrative Quantum Medicine™ (IQM) to give people a tool to heal their own lives. 

She also facilitates “Shamanic Journeys to Telos” Online, weekly circles and retreats in Mt. Shasta to connect people to their Lemurian family of the 5th dimension. She also teaches workshops on Prosperity.

Her studies include Spiritual Psychology Counselor MA, Certified Empowerment Coach, Calling in “The ONE” Soul Mate Coach and more.



Shamanic Journey to our “WILD WOMAN”

Wake up to yourself – there is so much more to you. Wake up from your numbed way of going through the world, how you lie to yourself, play small, repeat your Mom’s or Dad’s old patterns, your ancestral lineage, play victim to life, life is just happening to me verses I am living my destiny with full conviction. 
I will guide you on a Shamanic Drum Journey to discover what is blocking your Wild Woman’s full potential, what is holding her back to be fully alive, in full spirit, in co-creation with life. 
This drum journey will be able to rip you open to your more authentic essence. Your authentic power. That you will be able to create everything in your life from this innate potential. As the Wild Woman knows her truth. 
Please bring a mat to lay on and a cover for your eyes. 

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