Jumana Sophia



Jumana Sophia is the founder of HER Mystery School, an international women’s mystery school that spans over eighteen countries and has gathered a multi-culturual, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and extraordinary community of hundreds of soulful women. She was co-founder and co-director of the Ashland Goddess temple, as well as the founder of the Aquamystica ministry and water temple in Ashland, Oregon. Her work with sovereign sexuality and the archetype of the priestess lover has touched the lives of tens of thousands of women worldwide. She is a beloved and deeply trusted mentor, guide, and ceremonialist.


The Deep Feminine: Holy. Untamed. Wisdom.

To walk as a priestess (or simply, a woman aware of Who she serves, and vowed in her heart to that One), is to walk a path that requires supple impeccability, and a thorough liberation from the usury and conscription into service that marked even many of the ancient priestesshoods. Our time together will be spent in a deeper connection to the reciprocal relationship between the priestess and the One she serves. We are made holy and we sanctify the world around us through the simplicity of our untamed nature. No more and certainly no less. We serve wisdom and natural law. We source right action from a deep listening to right timing, right proportion,and right relationship, NOT postured intellect and the fracture of polarization. We are one body with the beauty of Creation, not its distortions. We’ll deepen into the rights and responsibilities of carrying deep feminine power in a world that both desperately needs it, and consistently invalidates or fears it. We’ll orient towards the simple but necessary protections that return sacred context to both the exaltations and the initiations of this path. To walk as the beloved priestess is to walk, to lead, to guide, suffer, celebrate and serve with an intimate companionship that keeps us resourced, not depleted, especially as we rise up to face all that the times are asking of us. This class will be a fusion of depth teaching and applied deep feminine practice drawn from HER Mystery School.

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