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Jananī is a very kind-hearted, loving being. She has a level of authenticity that truly shines through in the music that she carries, and the space that she holds for others on their path. It is her passion to create spaces for people to safely unfold and be their most authentic and heart-centered self—and she leads through the example of her own life. It is clear that music and song are a key part of unlocking her own journey, which inherently ripples out into others experience of sharing songs with her. When she is not in Ashland, she teaches Yoga Teacher Trainings in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Her students often describe her as an Earth Angel, and feel connected to the true vulnerability of her heart, and her ability to hold a sweet and grounded container.

In this song circle, first of all—No one needs to be “good at singing,” to be part of this circle, as that’s definitely not what this circle is about. It’s about coming together in reverence for life, and to join our collective voices to call in healing, connection, and affirmation of the sacredness of this life. All songs will be learned in call-and-response style so we can all easily join together…and from there, people are fully welcome to explore the space with their voice if they want to play with harmonies, or just hold down the song exactly as we learned. Once we’re in the flow, if others have heartfelt songs they would like to teach the group, they are absolutely welcome to share. If you do have a song to share—please know who and where it comes from; and if it comes from a different language/culture than your own, please make sure that you have permission from that culture to share it with others, so that we are truly respecting the beautiful and powerful lineage of song carrying. This is intended to be a very inclusive and uplifting circle for us to use the voice as a prayer, and together we will create an amplified field with our heart songs.


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