Coral Sandler


Transforming Trauma

Sunday, July 25, 2021

11 am – 1 pm


Coral is a ceremonialist and practitioner of the Boundless Method. Her studies in psychology, alternative healing modalities, ritual and shamanism have brought her through deep initiations all around the world and, most importantly, within her own body. Her greatest joy is to gather together in groups and create truly heart opening, transformational spaces where we can move energies and heal collectively. In her day-to-day life, she lives with her partner in the Boulder, Colorado area and supports her incredible 1:1 clients in healing their core wounds and stepping into their most authentic and empowered selves.



Transforming Your Trauma Into Treasure: Healing Techniques & Embodiment Exercises

When you choose to simply view traumas as ‘pockets of energy’ that block your natural free flow, it becomes easier to create the necessary safety and space to transform your trauma into treasure. In this workshop, you will explore working with trauma through parts work and embodiment exercises. You will gain tools to empower yourself to unlock your true radiance on the other side of addressing your core wounds.


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