Antonia Songbird


Sunday Sister Soiree – Cacao Ceremony

Sunday, June 12th

8:00 – 8:45 pm


Antonia Songbird is an elemental priestess, songstress, devotional dancer, writer, tea server, earth activist, event producer, medicine steward and ceremonialist. She stands for the unspoken and devotes her life to the healing of humanity with the earth. 

She is passionate about creating safe containers for personal healing and collective awakening. She brings people together to support the raising of consciousness through interactive workshops, cacao ceremonies, song circles and tea pouring. She loves to hold space for the harmony to return between the elements and people; finding deep joy in supporting others to rise into their expressive nature and share their unique art and gifts. 

An entrepreneurial wizardress, Antonia founded Vibe Tribe Worldwide, an ever-growing event production and ceremony circle organization. She is a temple dancer within the group GodMa Rising. A musician known as Antonia Songbird,  you can find her holding weekly sacred circles as an active priestess serving the Goddess Temple of Ashland. 



Sister Soiree Cacao Ceremony
Connect to your center, self and Spirit through the heart opening medicine of cacao. We will circle in ceremony, to integrate & embody all the growth of G-fest. Through song, prayer and presence we welcoming ourselves home into the heart.
Red Tent
The Red Tent is a space for connection, education and integration throughout the festival. There will be a space to offer your blood to the earth, books to educate on the cycles of the womb and offerings to relax within the red thread of sisterhood. Come be with us, honor your womb and allow your wisdom to bloom!

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