Andrea Campbell






Music. Rhythm. Dance. Entrance. This is how I experience the Divine.  This is my church, my worship, my resurrection, my rebirth, my awakening, my remembrance.  It is my highest and holiest connection to Source, to the Universe, and to the motion of the Ocean of the Celestial Realm.  My experience of amazing deep house and various forms of techno music inspires me as it touches my heart and soul with such power and beauty.  It continues from there to blow my mind while locking me in the groove and I just can’t stop rocking the planet!!!  Reaching for ecstatic levels of being and for a catalyst in my consciousness every time, this is my ceremony, my ritual, that is like pulling back a veil each time I dance with such ecstasy.  Revealing so much and so many wonderful things within my consciousness.  Visions.  Truths.  Great knowledge.  Wisdom of the Ages.  It is all inside of us. This is why I DJ.  This is the kind of music I play and the kind of experience that I seek to share.  If at least one person has this kind of experience when I play music, then I feel that I have been successful at my job as a DJ.  I seek to share powerful, tribal, cosmic, spiritual, beautiful, fun, and profound music and dance journeys.  With many etheric layers over beautiful rhythms and powerful heartbeats to travel deep within our hearts, traveling interdimensionally at the speed of Light. Awakening. Remembering. Activating. Light Body. Consciousness. Awareness.


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