Alexandra Loves


Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

3:15 – 4:30 pm


Sunday, Jan 24, 2021

BIPOC Wisdom Panel
10:30 – 12 pm


Initiated Spiritual Guide, Antiracism Consultant, Certified Love Attraction Coach TM, Mentor. The foundation of Alexandra’s work is grounded in drawing out inner wisdom as the remedy for any imbalance in life. She has spent a lifetime cultivating empathic, physic, intuitive, and dreamwork gifts, now, divinely initiated through her spiritual family in the temples of West Africa. She is one of many oracles and healers in her bloodline. She is also the “Black Mentor For White People Who Are Ready,” as she does her antiracism work from the spiritual perspective; she supports individuals and communities who are ready to commit to a lifetime of antiracist work. She is the founder of “The Spiritual Foundations Library” and the co-creatrix of “Africa Week 2020.”


Ancestral Legacies: Understanding Our Racial Roles and Remedies

The veil has been pulled back and the hidden truths about ourselves and the world around us is now transparent. We cannot look away from who we are, how we have been living, and the roles we play in our society, especially in terms of race. We, consciously or not, play into a system that hurts us. Collectively, we are ready to break from the old ways that oppress our spirits, but we don’t always know how. We are not always aware of the depth of the programming that keeps us divided and sick. The disease that is racism and white supremacism is in all beings, though it manifests within us differently. In this class, we look at racism from a spiritual point of view to demystify our relationship with race and give clarity to the racial challenges we are experiencing within ourselves and in our communities. Additionally, we will learn remedies that will help us break the cycles of toxic Ancestral legacies that create internal guilt and shame in terms of race. In discovering these remedies, we can create better legacies with newfound empowerment that fuels equity and unity. All warriors are welcome. All teachers and guides are welcome. All spiritually curious are welcome. All those who are scared are welcome. We are ready.

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