Ride Share – Find A Ride to G-Fest


Event Location

8339 Castle Lake Road,
Mount Shasta, Ca 96067

Sisters come from all over to join the G-Fest Celebration here in Mount Shasta. Let’s work together to help every one of them arrive with ease and grace. 

Please use the following link to either offer a ride or find a ride to G-Fest 2022: http://www.groupcarpool.com/t/0zqvwm

To Offer a Ride:

Use the link above and then click on the blue car icon to add a car. Fill out the information form and click “add car”. You will be notified when someone joins your carpool. 

To Find a Ride:

Using the link above, you can either join an existing carpool or if there is not a driver available, you may join the waitlist by clicking on “join waitlist”. Then fill out the information including where you are needing a ride from. 

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