Downtemple, Organic Medicine Stomp

Thursday, July 22, 2021

8:45 – 10:15 pm


Moondrop brings the Feminine Force to the Stage. Well known for her collaborations vocally in the electronic world bass scene, she is making her debut internationally as Ecstatic Dance DJ and Producer. Weaving together the emotional and technological awareness of the ancient ones with the future ones, her sets and original tracks are an integrated prayerformance in reverence of all that is sacred. Moondrop stands for the liberated voice for the collective feminine and uses her music and her platform to promote unconditional love, sovereignty and equality for Indigenous, BIPOC and all of womankind through her work with INA ( Indigenous Nations Alliance), Shakti Sound- Empowering womxn in music and the Convergence (North America’s largest permaculture convergence).



☽ downtemple ♢ liquid psy bliss ♢ sacred chant ♢ full spectrum ♢ lovechill ♢ medicinemuse ♢ sacred bass ♢ goddess glitch ♢ make believe ☾

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